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Katia Meisinger is a found object sculptor and performance artist that works and lives in Southern Maryland. She has received a BA from St. Mary's College of Maryland, where she currently teaches sculpture and drawing, and recieved her MFA from Maryland Institute College of Art where she focused on performance art. Though she has not exhibited widely she has had multiple exhibitions at the Boyden Gallery, and the St. Mary's Art Council Gallery,and galleries in Baltimore, Maryland. Meisinger creates abstracted works inspired by the world around her. This can be influenced by actions on a global or personal scale, political or emotional impact, and effects from the pandemic. Using found objects in her sculptures is a main component in the artwork because it uses items most people can identify and connect to personally. To speak about something on a large scale she uses items like every day used items like medical masks, chairs, mirrors, or other household objects that helps create a shared moment between the artist, artwork, and the viewer. Meisinger's performance art revolves around her fat boady and how the body takes up space, function in space, and creates a space. Through the interactions  from the viewer it either adds to the work via voice or just watching, the viewer becomes part of the performance.


2020-2023         M.F.A., Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore Maryland

2015-2019         B.A., St. Mary's College of Maryland, St. Mary's Maryland


2022                   Excellent Art Achievement, Artist Space Gallery,

2019                   Patti Runco Arts Alliance Award, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, Maryland

 2019                  McCutheon Family Art Award, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, Maryland

 2016                  Outstanding Work for Junior Class, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, Maryland

 2015                  Phi Beta Kappa, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, Maryland


2022                 Important World Artists (Vol. 5, pp. 144–145). World Wide Art Books. (Original work published 2022)


2023               Meet Katia Meisinger- Bold Journey Magazine. Productivity.

2023               Meet Katia Meisinger- Canvas Rebel Magazine. Stories and Insights.

2022               Daily inspiration: Meet Katia Meisinger - VoyageBaltimore Magazine. Baltimore’s Most Inspiring Stories.


2023                Green Space, Fischman Gallery, Jacksonville, Tennessee

2023                Where Edges Meet, Decker and Meyerhoff Galleries, Maryland 

2022                Abstract Art, Artist Space Gallery,

2022                The 2nd and 3rd Year MFAST exhibition, Fred Lazarus IV Center, Maryland

2021                 4th Annual Women Artists, Fusion Art, California

2021                 Purely Abstract, Las Laguna Art Gallery, California

2021                 6th Annual Artist Choice, Fusion Art, California

2021                 Identity, Maryland State Art Council, Maryland

2021                 Red, Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, Pennsylvania

2019-2020        Art Walk, St. Mary’s Art Council, Maryland

2019                 Annual Student Show, Boyden Gallery, Maryland

2018                 Annual Student Show, Boyden Gallery, Maryland

2017                 Annual Student Show, Boyden Gallery, Maryland

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