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   I'm Not Invisible 2022

This performance piece was a breaking point. As a plus size person you are viewed as an invisible body. Being an invisible body you quickly learn how to be the loudest, the most colorful, the funniest because it gets you noticed. But people shouldn’t have to do that to get noticed. With sheets decorated with prints of my body I created an invisible space in which to perform in the gallery. I began to undress outside the space and then finished undressing inside where I covered myself with different colors of paint, using my body as a brush to paint on the walls and floor, tearing holes in the fabric walls, eventually tearing them down so I wouldn’t have to be invisible anymore. My marks, clothes, and the scene left behind with marks of my body. There is purposefully no video of this performance because as an invisible body you go through life not being noticed or people caring, so if the viewer was there for the performance, they got to see my transformation covered in paint. But if they weren’t they are left with the remains and a title to wonder what that invisible body did within the space. My body has always been laced throughout my work and this is something I will continue to explore through my own body and other’s bodies. I want to be a form of representation of body, a woman’s body, a plus size body, and a visible body. These are changes that need to be made within our art culture and our society.

The Red Room (2018): Portfolio
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